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Our data solutions are tailored to assist organizations in collecting, analyzing, and utilizing data for informed decision-making. Our services include survey design, sampling, scripting, data collection and management, cleaning, and panel management, covering primary quantitative and qualitative data.

Having conducted extensive data collection operations in several countries, we are the trusted long-term partner for multiple global agencies committed to enhancing life outcomes.

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Our Data Services

Discover the breadth of data solutions at Mindset, complete with illustrative examples from our extensive portfolio that showcase our capacity and expertise.


Data Collection

Whether it's small-scale, rapid exercises or extensive surveys covering over 100,000 households, including general populations or hard-to-reach groups, Mindset is adept at meeting the diverse data collection requirements.

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Complex Sampling

Sampling allows us to draw meaningful conclusions and make inferences about the entire population based on the characteristics of the selected sample. Mindset's team of professionals excels in crafting customized sampling strategies based on selection methods such as random, stratified, or systematic sampling. We employ rigorous quality control measures, and are able to handle even the most complex data environments.

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Data Quality Assurance

We ensure the accuracy, reliability, and consistency of data collected during research, to ensure that our partners have access to high-quality data that can be used to make informed decisions. Mindset's data quality assurance and verification measures are implemented at every stage of the research process

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Data Visualization

We turn data into visually appealing and easy-to-understand graphics and charts. Our team uses tools such as PowerBI to create live dashboards and custom graphs, maps, and other visualizations to help you communicate your data effectively.

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Longitudinal Studies and Panel Management

Mindset currently oversees several long-term studies, each requiring careful management of participants. Our robust data management expertise enables us to expertly maintain databases of respondents for multi-year studies, ensuring high-quality data collection.

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Targeting, Validation and Vulnerability Assessments

Targeting, validation, and vulnerability assessments are essential to address potential challenges and risks and inform the implementation of humanitarian and development programs. Through multiple large scale projects focused on assessing households or persons of concern for targeted conditional or non-conditional assistance, we have developed robust methods and protocols to execute the work with the utmost professionalism.

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We provide comprehensive MEL support through observational visits, utilizing qualitative techniques like community and classroom observations to assess intervention contexts, and teaching methodologies.

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Research Design

Research design plays a critical role in ensuring that a research study is well-structured, valid, and capable of generating reliable and meaningful results. At Mindset we offer research design services based on various approaches such as experimental and quasi-experimental, and various data collection methods like quantitative, qualitative, or mixed-method.

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Secondary Research

Document review involves collecting data by reviewing written materials, such as reports, policies, or other documents. Mindset offers desk research services, through the definition of research objectives and the identification of key sources of information.

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Our methodology


We implement all types of quantitative surveys, using various modalities, including in-person and phone interviews, appointment-based and central location interviewing. We select the optimal approach for each project, considering the target demographic, research aims, and logistical considerations. We consistently aim for high-quality, representative data, providing precise insights to underpin your organization's evidence-based decision-making.

Focus Group Discussions

We are well-versed in conducting all types of focus groups involving hard-to-reach populations and difficult segments, such as children and people with vulnerabilities about complex and sensitive topics, including GBV, Violence Against Children, coping mechanisms, sexual and reproductive health, and others.

Case Studies

We have solid experience in creating case studies that include detailed information about a specific person, group, or situation, telling stories and bringing voices to the forefront.


Ethnography involves collecting data through immersive fieldwork in a particular community or culture. Ethnographers typically spend a significant amount of time in the field, observing and participating in the everyday lives of the people they are studying. Ethnography is useful for understanding the cultural practices and perspectives of a particular group, and for exploring how these shape their experiences and behaviors.

Qualitative Interviews

We have expertise in conducting qualitative interviews involving collecting data through one-on-one conversations with subject matter experts (key informant interviews), or general population respondents (in-depth interviews).

Experimental Research

Experimental research is a systematic and controlled approach to investigating cause-and-effect relationships in a scientific study. In social sciences, experimental research is used to study and understand various aspects of human behavior and social phenomena. It is helpful to test hypotheses, assess the impact of interventions, and gather empirical data on topics such as human behavior, attitudes, social interactions, etc. Mindset is skilled in experimental research, spanning research question design, sampling, and random assignment of participants to experimental and control groups, as well as measuring the effect of a specific intervention on dependent variables. 

Quasi-Experimental Research

Quasi-experimental research involves studying the effects of an intervention or treatment without randomly assigning participants to a control group, which makes it particularly useful when dealing with pre-existing groups or real-world conditions. Mindset is experienced in designing quasi-experimental research frameworks with pre-existing groups, complex environments, or ethical constraints, providing meaningful insights to our clients. The process usually includes defining research questions, selecting participants, applying interventions or treatments, collecting and analyzing data, and drawing conclusions based on the observed outcomes.

Thematic Research

Thematic research is a qualitative research approach that involves identifying, analyzing, and reporting recurring themes or patterns within a dataset. At Mindset, we offer in-depth thematic research services to illuminate complexities and empower informed decision-making. Our team can deliver granular analysis within specified subjects, harnessing our expertise across various social and development sectors. We delve into the heart of each theme, shedding light on nuances that could influence strategic planning, policy development, or program implementation.

Other solutions


Aiding decision-makers and stakeholders with providing actionable information through analysis, third-party monitoring (TPM), thorough verification, and rigorous evaluations.



Positive change through program implementation, capacity building, engaging sensitization campaigns, and expert grant management.

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