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Beyond mere data collection from diverse sources and formats, our expertise extends to transforming, packaging, and processing this data into actionable insights. This capability empowers organizations and decision-makers to make well-informed, strategic actions. Our insight category covers four main offerings: analysis, visualization, and reporting, MEL (Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning), TPM (Third-Party Monitoring), and independent verification and project evaluations.

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Our Insight Services

At Mindset, we offer a large range of services to empower informed decision-making and enhance the impact of social initiatives. Our expertise spans thematic research, third-party monitoring and independent verification, impact evaluation, and research design.


Statistical Analysis

Our statistical analysis services cover data preparation and cleaning, as well as the selection of appropriate statistical techniques such as descriptive statistics, inferential statistics, and other types of analyses to help our partners understand data and draw meaningful conclusions.

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Third Party Monitoring & Independent Verification

Third-party monitoring (TPM) and independent verification are designed to provide objective assessments of program implementation, verify reported data, and offer valuable insights for evidence-based decision-making. We offer comprehensive TPM services that help our clients understand program performance, outcomes, and impact accurately.

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Impact Evaluation

Impact evaluation is a powerful approach that we use to measure and analyze the cause-and-effect relationships generated by programs, policies, or interventions. As a leading social research and MEL organization, we utilize the most rigorous, innovative, and relevant methodologies to effectively conduct these evaluations.

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Rigorous Evaluation Design

Rigorous evaluation design ensures that data is collected and analyzed in a systematic and objective manner, ultimately providing valuable insights that can inform decision-making, improve program outcomes, and measure success. Mindset has extensive experience in designing custom evaluation frameworks, employing advanced statistical and research methods, to precisely measure the impact and outcomes of the projects we work on.

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Our methodology

Other solutions


Data collection services customized to our partners' needs: surveys, focus group discussions, observations, in-depth interviews, and ethnographies.



Positive change through program implementation, capacity building, engaging sensitization campaigns, and expert grant management.

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