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Welcome to our Initiatives page, where we proudly showcase Mindset's self-funded contributions to the greater good. As a social research and development consultancy, we have undertaken over 250 impactful projects across various sectors, including education, health, nutrition, and economic empowerment. Collaborating with esteemed global institutions and organizations such as USAID, UNICEF, and The World Bank, we connect change-makers with local communities to drive meaningful research, monitoring, evaluation, capacity-building, and implementation support. Besides our client-focused work, Mindset's mission is to constantly develop its technical capacities. That is why we always seek to expand our experience through our own initiatives. Thanks to our dedicated team of experienced professionals, armed with in-depth expertise, we can navigate different local contexts with precision while employing advanced data collection, analytics, and MEL techniques. Together, we strive to create lasting positive change, fostering integrity, transparency, and collaborative partnerships along the way.

Image of Kano Nigeria

Street Children in Kano (Nigeria)

As part of our organization's mission to constantly develop our technical capacities, Mindset spearheaded a collaboration with NORC at the University of Chicago and Bayero University to pilot a study on street children studying, living, and working in Kano, Nigeria.

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Image of Ukraine initiative

Stress in Ukrainian Children

The war in Ukraine began on the 24th of February 2022. With much of the fighting occurring on Ukrainian soil, the war has severely impacted the lives of all the country’s citizens. Children have been greatly affected by the war, facing disruptions to key pillars of their lives such as their routines, education, families, and place of residence.

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