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Data Quality Assurance

We ensure the accuracy, reliability, and consistency of data collected during research, to ensure that our partners have access to high-quality data that can be used to make informed decisions. Mindset's data quality assurance and verification measures are implemented at every stage of the research process: it starts with the careful planning of data collection methods and the review of data collection tools and procedures. During the data collection phase, our team implements quality checks to reduce errors and inconsistencies. Afterward, we proceed to data cleaning and validation check. Our team also provides training and support to field staff to ensure the quality of fieldwork throughout the project.

Our solutions


Data collection services customized to our partners' needs: surveys, focus group discussions, observations, in-depth interviews, and ethnographies.



Aiding decision-makers and stakeholders with providing actionable information through analysis, third-party monitoring (TPM), thorough verification, and rigorous evaluations.



Positive change through program implementation, capacity building, engaging sensitization campaigns, and expert grant management.

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