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Our sectors

Image of displacement and migration

Displacement & Migration

Mindset has been working in the fields of displacement and migration since 2016. We have worked extensively with refugees living in Jordan and Lebanon, internally displaced people in Ukraine, as well as Jordanian migrants living in the Gulf.

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Image of livelihoods and cash assistance

Livelihoods & Cash Assistance

Part of our expertise in the livelihoods sector focuses on cash assistance, used to promote economic stability and improve the living conditions of the most vulnerable communities. Mindset has been working on cash assistance-related projects since 2016 in Jordan, Lebanon, and Ukraine.

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Image of food security and nutrition

Food Security & Nutrition

Mindset has extensive experience in the food security and nutrition sectors in Jordan and Yemen. We are committed to improving individual and collective well-being by addressing food-related challenges, in order to achieve sustainable economic growth and reduce poverty globally.

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Image of child and youth protection

Child & Youth Protection

Through years of experience, we have developed expertise in working with vulnerable populations such as children and youth. Since 2016, Mindset has worked on more than 30 projects related to child and youth protection in Jordan, Nigeria, and Ukraine.

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Image of education //////////


Mindset has been working in the sector of education for almost a decade, thus contributing to equitable access to quality education, enhancing educational outcomes, and promoting lifelong learning opportunities in Jordan, Palestine, and Nigeria.

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Image of economic development //////////////////////

Economic Development

Mindset has been active in the field of economic development in Jordan since 2016. As a Jordanian company, we are particularly committed to participating in the enhancement of economic prospects and living standards of individuals and communities living in Jordan.

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Image of global health

Global Health

Our experience in global health encompasses projects related to disease prevention and control, maternal and child health and nutrition, psycho-social support, access to healthcare for vulnerable communities, health systems strengthening, WASH, and humanitarian health response.

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Image of gender sector

Gender Equality & Social Inclusion

As a woman-owned company, gender equality and social inclusion are central to our efforts. We believe inclusivity in terms of gender, disability, etc. is essential to any humanitarian and development project, that is why we are committed to bringing our expertise in this domain to our clients.

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Image of governance ///////////////


Mindset supported different efforts to improve the effectiveness and accountability of government institutions in Jordan and Nigeria. We are committed to enhancing the institutional contexts in which we work.

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Image of environmental sustainability

Environmental Sustainability

The Middle East is one of the regions most affected by climate change in the world. In this context, Mindset is committed to supporting organizations in their efforts to ensure a more sustainable and resilient future.

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Image of culture and tourism

Culture & Tourism

Mindset has been working in the culture and tourism sector in Jordan and the United Arab Emirates since our founding over a decade ago. Thanks to our insights and personal knowledge of these cultural contexts, we are able to inform our clients in the best way possible.

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