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Longitudinal Studies and Panel Management

Mindset currently oversees several long-term studies, each requiring careful management of participants. To maintain access and minimize drop-out, Mindset employs various strategies. It fosters engagement through regular communication, incentives, and building relationships. It utilizes tracking systems and contingency plans to address challenges in reaching participants. Additionally, it actively minimizes attrition by understanding the reasons for drop-out and implementing targeted interventions.

The specific tactics employed by Mindset vary depending on the nature of each study and the specific challenges faced. However, ethical considerations are paramount throughout the process, prioritizing participant privacy and well-being. Mindset continuously evaluates its practices and adapts its approaches to ensure the highest quality and effectiveness in managing its long-term longitudinal studies.

Our solutions


Data collection services customized to our partners' needs: surveys, focus group discussions, observations, in-depth interviews, and ethnographies.



Aiding decision-makers and stakeholders with providing actionable information through analysis, third-party monitoring (TPM), thorough verification, and rigorous evaluations.



Positive change through program implementation, capacity building, engaging sensitization campaigns, and expert grant management.

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