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Where we work

Mindset is a leading global organization with a significant presence in the Middle East and Africa, as well as a recent expansion in Europe.

For over a decade, we have been at the forefront of driving positive social change and sustainable development. With an impressive track record of over 250 successful projects, we have made a lasting impact in diverse countries: Jordan, Nigeria, Palestine, Lebanon, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Tunisia, and Ukraine. Our journey has been defined by forging meaningful connections with local partners and communities, fostering trust, and gaining profound insights into the unique challenges and opportunities each region presents. This deep understanding enables us to tailor our solutions and interventions effectively, creating transformative outcomes that uplift lives and empower societies.

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Mindset started in Jordan in 2010, and then expanded to other countries and continents. In Jordan, our team has been actively involved in projects related to economic empowerment, gender, livelihoods, agriculture, governance, nutrition, health, education, youth empowerment, displacement, and child protection. We are committed to supporting the development of strong and sustainable communities in Jordan, by providing services that are evidence-based and with a deep understanding of the Jordanian social, economic, cultural, and political contexts. One of our founding pillars is to expand the ecosystem of Jordanians who use research, data, and evidence to chart their way to achieve results they have identified, prioritized, and are committed to.

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United Arab Emirates

Mindset is registered in the United Arab Emirates, where we have been working in the public sector since 2017. In Dubai, our efforts have centered on culture and tourism. We have created materials for the Maritime Museum, and studied the effects of Dubai's cultural influence on tourism within the city and around the world. Our team also worked in Abu Dhabi, supporting the local authorities to track, measure and enhance the impact of culture and cultural assets on the social and economic growth of the emirate.

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Mindset was officially registered in Nigeria in 2018, allowing us to expand our experience on the African continent. In Nigeria, our team has been actively involved in projects related to third-party monitoring of health projects, workforce management in the health sector, governance, and social protection. Besides our work for international organizations and NGOs, we have been implementing a self-funded study as part of "Mindset Initiatives". In collaboration with the University of Chicago and Bayero University, we are conducting a study on street children in Kano based on field visits and interviews. By informing on these children's backgrounds, daily routines, and the challenges they face on the street, we hope to provide solutions to measuring this elusive and transient population.

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Mindset started working in Ukraine in 2022, supporting humanitarian assistance across all oblasts and our Ukrainian office was officially registered in 2023. Our Ukrainian experience with international organizations such as IOM and UNHCR includes projects focusing on displacement, livelihoods, and cash assistance. As part of our business development efforts called "Mindset Initiatives", we also implemented a study on stress in Ukrainian children. Stemming from our strong experience in child protection in vulnerable contexts, we produced an insight-gathering report based on in-person surveys administered by our team of enumerators in Ukraine. We hope to expand our experience in Ukraine and share our valuable insights with international organizations and local clients.

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Mindset is registered in Yemen and has been working on the Yemeni context since 2022. Our main client in Yemen is the World Bank, for whom our team gathers information on access to food and essential services for the population and identifies the critical needs of displaced households, in order to inform humanitarian operations in the country. We hope to expand our network of clients in Yemen and participate in the implementation of efficient and relevant humanitarian projects.

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In Palestine, our team has focused on conducting research to improve financial services and facilitate economic empowerment among women, as well as developing the Palestinian education system. Our research has been conducted in close collaboration with local partners and stakeholders, like the National Bank of Palestine and the Ministry of Education. Mindset operates through field staff in Palestine where we have a large network of consultants and experts.

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Saudi Arabia

Since 2021, Mindset has been working closely with the government in Saudi Arabia to better understand the challenges faced by people with disabilities and youth in the kingdom. Through this collaboration, we have been able to provide informed recommendations for improving employment opportunities, accessibility and inclusion for these vulnerable segments of the population. We operate in Saudi Arabia through our large network of consultants and field staff.

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Our team has been working in Lebanon since 2021 on projects related to the gendered realities of displacement among Syrian refugees and the evaluation of health and education interventions. We operate through very reliable field staff based in Lebanon and our important consultants network. Thanks to our work, we have provided valuable insights and recommendations to support equitable programmatic design in the field of development and humanitarian aid in Lebanon.

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