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USAID General Population Survey in Jordan (Round 1 and 2)

The USAID General Population Survey is a large-scale survey based on a questionnaire containing about 95 questions across a wide range of themes: democracy, rights and governance; economic development and energy; education; water resources and environment; vulnerable populations; and women and youth.

Mindset was contracted by USAID Monitoring and Evaluation Support Program (MESP) and then USAID Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning Activity (MELA) as a local partner for planning and implementing the data collection process. In 2018, the first round of the survey was administered to nearly 12,000 households in Jordan. To ensure timely completion, Mindset mobilized and trained 100 enumerators and 25 supervisors. The survey consisted of face-to-face interviews with randomly selected respondents. Through the survey, opinions were collected across six themes of the USAID portfolio, namely, the delivery of public services, citizen participation, education, employment, entrepreneurship, and women and society. In 2021, USAID requested a second round of the survey to draw inferences and reveal changes over time.

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