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Assessing the results of IOM’s Household Rehabilitation Assistance in Ukraine

The International Organization for Migration (IOM)’s 2022 Winterization Strategy in Ukraine focused on individual support to beneficiaries, combined with systems support, reconstruction, and rehabilitation of critical infrastructure. Under this strategy, the Household Rehabilitation Assistance consists of repairing houses damaged by the conflict in Ukraine. As part of its monitoring and evaluation activities, IOM requested an assessment of the immediate results and effectiveness of the Household Rehabilitation Assistance addressed to beneficiaries reached between November 2022 and February 2023. The objective of this exercise is to improve the shelter conditions of conflict-affected internally displaced people (IDPs) and non-displaced persons.

Mindset was hired as IOM's Third-Party Monitoring (TPM) partner to perform this assessment. Our team conducted data collection from IOM's beneficiaries in Ukraine through a phone survey, using our call center based in Jordan. We refined IOM's survey tool and integrated it into a data collection platform, enabling daily data quality assessments. Our trained enumerators conducted 400 remote individual phone interviews, with weekly updates provided to IOM on the data collection progress and subsequent data cleaning. Upon project completion, we delivered a report presenting the findings from the survey.

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