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Stefanie Rometsch

Research Associate

Stefanie is a research professional with almost a decade of experience in social research in Germany and Jordan. She now serves as Research Associate at Mindset, where she participates in various research efforts across the Middle East region and in Africa.

Throughout her experience she gained technical skills in research design and implementation, spanning desk research, data collection tool preparation, qualitative interviews, data cleaning and analysis, as well as reporting and presentation of findings. Being proficient in statistical and analytical software programs such as SPSS, R, and MAXQDA, she is skilled in both quantitative and qualitative research. Stefanie is capable of handling different research projects in the Monitoring, Evaluation, Research, and Learning (MERL) sector, such as capacity assessments, pre-feasibility studies, and comparative studies; and she possesses experience in the field of education, finance, tourism, and youth empowerment in Jordan. Thanks to her experience in working with a variety of actors such as the EU, GIZ, USAID, the World Bank, and Jordanian institutions, Stefanie has valuable insight and knowledge of the Jordanian ecosystem in the field of international development.

She holds a bachelor’s degree in international business and intercultural studies from the University of Applied Sciences of Heilbronn, and a master’s degree in public and nonprofit studies from the University of Hamburg.

Areas of expertise:
  • Social research: quantitative and qualitative data collection tool preparation, data analysis and reporting
  • Experience in international development issues: education, youth empowerment, and finance
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