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Jordan Technical Assistance Program (J-TAP)

The US Agency for International Development's five-year (2021-2026) Jordan Technical Assistance Program (J-TAP) aims to transform the organizational culture and systems within the Ministry of Education (MoE) and Ministry of Youth (MoY) to improve learning outcomes and positive youth development. The program supports the MoE in key areas such as the inclusion of vulnerable children, the improvement of non-formal education and quality of teaching & school management, as well as student learning outcomes for kindergarten to grade 10 students. J-TAP also builds the capacity of the MoY through evidence-based decision-making systems, the streamlining of human resources, financial management and improving youth programming at Jordan’s 200 youth centers. 

In 2022, Mindset was hired as the third-party monitoring partner for J-TAP activities, which include: specialized training of the MoE staff; training of local schools' teachers; literacy assessment of school students; and the establishment of a Monitoring and Evaluation Unit within the MoY. Our team conducted post-training assessments to capture knowledge acquisition. Mindset’s role also included monitoring teacher attendance and tracking changes in student test scores for verification and impact assessment. Moreover, interviews were conducted to obtain employee feedback on the success of the initiative and to identify areas for improvement. In 2023, Mindset implemented a "Public Perception Survey Study," aiming to gather data on the knowledge, awareness, and perceptions of youth regarding the activities of the MoY and its communication methods with them.

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