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Impact Evaluation

At Mindset, we are committed to understanding and enhancing the effects of social initiatives, and our Impact Evaluation service lies at the heart of this commitment. Impact evaluation is a powerful approach that we use to measure and analyze the cause-and-effect relationships generated by programs, policies, or interventions. As a leading social research and MEL organization, we utilize the most rigorous, innovative, and relevant methodologies to effectively conduct these evaluations.

Our impact evaluation process involves a comprehensive and systematic assessment that seeks not only to measure the extent to which a program has accomplished its objectives but also to uncover any unexpected outcomes. By taking into account both the intended and unintended consequences of an initiative, we provide a holistic picture of its overall impact.

To ensure robustness and rigor in our impact evaluations, Mindset uses a mix of quantitative and qualitative research methods. These can include randomized controlled trials, propensity score matching, focus groups, and in-depth interviews, among others. This methodological diversity allows us to capture the rich, multifaceted reality of social initiatives and to provide our clients with actionable, data-driven insights.

But the value of our Impact Evaluation service doesn't stop at identifying outcomes. We delve deep into the underlying mechanisms that generate these outcomes, examining factors like the attributes of program participants, implementation strategies, and contextual influences. This enables us to not just present the 'what' of program effects but also explain the 'why' and 'how.'

Ethical considerations, cultural sensitivity, and inclusivity form the cornerstone of our Impact Evaluation practice. We ensure all stakeholders involved are treated with respect and that their voices are heard and accounted for in the evaluation process. Furthermore, we prioritize transparency in our reporting, ensuring our clients are presented with clear, accessible findings and recommendations that facilitate informed decision-making.

At Mindset, impact evaluation is more than a service – it's a strategic tool for learning, improving, and enhancing social impact. We leverage our evaluations to drive forward-thinking strategies, build capacity, and inform policy reforms. We partner with our clients to translate evaluation findings into actionable plans, amplifying their effectiveness and optimizing their impact.

Our solutions


Data collection services customized to our partners' needs: surveys, focus group discussions, observations, in-depth interviews, and ethnographies.



Aiding decision-makers and stakeholders with providing actionable information through analysis, third-party monitoring (TPM), thorough verification, and rigorous evaluations.



Positive change through program implementation, capacity building, engaging sensitization campaigns, and expert grant management.

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