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Violence Against Children Study in Jordan

The Jordan Violence Against Children Study (VACS) was led by UNICEF and the National Council for Family Affairs, and implemented by Mindset between August 2018 and May 2022. The study has been highly relevant due to the dearth of knowledge with respect to violence against children. The only national study that was conducted in Jordan dates back to 2007. 

The VAC aimed to identify the prevalence, types, frequency, and perpetrators of different forms of violence, such as physical and sexual violence but also more recent forms such as cyber violence. The VAC study is the most comprehensive of its kind in Jordan. Mindset conducted a nationally representative survey of school students aged 8 to 17, youth aged 18 to 24, as well as primary caregivers. In addition, data was collected through focus group discussions and in-depth interviews with children, youth, caregivers, and child protection professionals, officials, and activists. The sample consisted of 4,000 children, 2,400 parents, 1,200 youth, and more than 100 caregivers, teachers, principals and key informants. 

The study provides the most recent estimates of the nature and prevalence of violence against children in Jordan. Almost 75% of surveyed children aged 8-17 years had experienced physical violence. The study revealed that children in Jordan face a high risk of violence both at home and at school, which are meant to be secure places. The findings have the potential to serve as a foundation for enhancing strategies to reduce and prevent violence against children.