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Primary Health Care Leadership Challenge Fund Independent Verification Agency in Nigeria

The Primary Health Care Leadership Challenge Fund aims to contribute to sustainable healthcare financing and encourages the 36 Nigerian states to compete in improving their primary healthcare services.

In 2022, Mindset was contracted as a third-party verification partner by UNICEF Nigeria to measure progress towards meeting the targets outlined in the primary healthcare performance monitoring framework, which was developed to assess critical gaps in the healthcare systems in Nigeria. Our team of monitors regularly executes verification field visits to clinics and audits data to ensure the accuracy of figures submitted by the healthcare facilities to UNICEF. Additional activities included the regular collection of data on indicators identified in the framework, conducting interviews and surveys to obtain insights on each of Nigeria’s 36 states’ performance, and submitting an annual verification report. The information generated by our team will ensure that rewards distributed to states for their performance are allocated properly. Findings will also assist government entities in identifying gaps in each state’s primary healthcare systems performance.

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