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Jordan Nutrition Innovation Lab (JNIL)

The Jordan Nutrition Innovation Lab (JNIL) is one of 20 Innovation Labs worldwide supported by the USAID Bureau for Resilience and Food Security. In Jordan, it is designed and implemented by FHI360. Tufts University, which manages the Nutrition Innovation Lab (NIL), has been collaborating with FHI360 on research and evaluation designs for the USAID-supported Community Health and Nutrition (CHN) activity since 2020. 

Mindset was selected as the local subcontractor to manage the NIL project in Jordan. We have been contributing with our extensive experience in rigorous research and evaluation design as well as in the management of large-scale projects to the successful implementation of nutrition-focused research. Among other assignments, Mindset helped develop and implement a COVID-19 assessment survey and collected data from over 400 pregnant and lactating women as well as 300 healthcare providers. Our team also produced a baseline study, as part of an impact evaluation, through the collection of quantitative data from over 1,000 pregnant and lactating women with children under two years and 70 service providers, complemented by qualitative research. 

In addition to these research contributions, Mindset organized the First National Scientific Symposium in 2022. The event, attended by over 400 participants, served as a platform for information exchange and relationship-building among scholars, policy analysts, and advocates. Participants represented over 15 universities across Jordan, the Ministry of Health, Royal Medical Services, healthcare facilities, private corporations, donor agencies, international organizations, and agencies outside Jordan. Mindset conducted a learning lab that provided participants with the data collection and management skills needed to critically evaluate and develop survey questionnaires, collect, and process data, and perform basic analyses.

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