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Farmers Registration Survey for the Madad Project

The EU-funded Madad project aims to enhance resilient livelihoods and food security for more than 260,000 Jordanians and Syrian refugees. As part of this project, the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) - in collaboration with the Jordanian Ministry of Agriculture - sought to develop a comprehensive database of farmers in Jordan to enhance agricultural planning, improve food security, and facilitate targeted interventions in the agricultural sector. This project was initiated in response to the country's high need for farmer registration, as many farmers remain unregistered.

Mindset was contracted by the FAO to conduct research and capture data on the number of farmers in all governorates across Jordan. This involved training enumerators, making appointments with the pre-selected respondents and executing field visits, collecting data through in-person and phone surveys, as well as analyzing the data. For the first round, our team administered the surveys to 2,000 individuals, in three phases between November 2022 and May 2023. During the second round, which started in September 2023, we aim to reach 2,500 individuals.

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