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Dubai's Maritime Museum (Museum of the Sea)

As part of a masterplan to enrich Dubai’s cultural offerings ahead of the Expo 2020, the Museum of the Sea is the largest undertaking within Dubai Historical District, a major development project that has aimed to rejuvenate some of the oldest parts of the emirate, transforming the area into a cultural and heritage center. The rejuvenation and expansion project was planned to cover 1.5 square kilometers and to include 60 separate projects, including new museums, forts, restaurants and open-air spaces set against Dubai Creek. The Museum of the Sea captures the city’s maritime history and seafaring heritage from pearl diving, fishing to trade.


In 2019, Mindset worked closely with Empty, the architecture and design firm leading the project, on content research and development. In collaboration with the head curator, Mindset’s team of researchers and experts conducted a thorough literature review covering the 19th and early 20th centuries as well as interviews and site visits to develop the museum’s narrative and bridge content and design through a creative interpretation framework. Research methods and tools tailored to the project included secondary research, including the study of themes and topics, a review of history, and benchmarking of experience in top-notch museums. Primary research encompassed expert interviews, focus groups, surveys with relevant audiences, behavioral and observational research using prototypes, and pre- and post-testing of experiences among target audiences.

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