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Data Collection for the Municipal Services and Social Resilience Project (MSSRP)

The World Bank's Municipal Services and Social Resilience Project (MSSRP) is a ten-year (2014-2024) project that serves to support Jordanian municipalities affected by the Syrian refugee crisis, in delivering services and job opportunities to both Jordanians and Syrians living in Jordan. The MSSRP provided support to 26 municipalities. The bulk of this support was provided through grants to municipalities to finance different forms of community infrastructure, selected through a community engagement process.

For the baseline assessment in 2019, Mindset collected data through an in-person beneficiary survey administered to 7,000 households, to gauge how effectively municipalities deliver services to their residents. In 2023, Mindset administered an in-person employee survey to 1,800 technicians and workers before they were inducted into the relevant programs in their municipalities. Both these data collection exercises were effectively performed employing nearly 70 enumerators and 20 field logistical coordinators.

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