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Capacity Building Activity for the Jordanian Ministry of Health (MoH)

The Jordanian Family Planning Costed Implementation Plan 2020-2024 (FP CIP) details a country roadmap to achieving a vision that residents of Jordan have the necessary information to make informed fertility choices and have equitable access to family planning services. In March 2019, USAID signed a direct funding agreement with the Jordanian Ministry of Health (MoH) through the USAID Partnership for Health and Family Planning project to support the national family planning program. In this framework, USAID MELA supports the Government of Jordan (GOJ)'s partners with capacity-building sessions, including the Ministry of Health (MOH), the National Aid Fund (NAF), etc.

As MELA’s local partner, Mindset provided basic monitoring, evaluation, and learning (MEL) training to the MOH’s staff responsible for data collection and analysis, and then provided them with the coaching support required to help them report on their MEL Plan performance indicators. Our team utilized a “learning by doing” approach to maximize staff expertise in rigorous MEL methods.

Key components of our capacity-building work included:

  • Administering a Professional Community. In an effort to increase research update, Mindset proposed hosting a Professional Community that will be structured around sharing best practices, resources, and thought leadership. This PC will be led by the NIL and will include key local stakeholders and government of Jordan actors.
  • Developing the training material collaboratively. Mindset understands that the MOH has benefited from multiple capacity-building programs. To avoid redundancy, and address gaps in previous exercise, Mindset is working with the MOH staff to develop the training material before it is implemented.
  • Developing the MoH MEL Plan through a ‘Learn-by-Doing’ approach.
  • Conducting a training course for MoH staff on quantitative and qualitative data collection with the aim of developing the tools needed to collect the data related to MoH indicators
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