Data Visualizations

Mindset Staff

We will use our blog to highlight exciting items for data professionals like us. We are always on the lookout for engaging ways to present data. One recent gem we stumbled upon on LinkedIn was a collation of data visualizations posted by Tom Barnsby, a data visualization expert. You can find the visuals here: The site shows the source information for each visual, helping you see how it can use it to communicate your data. We voted on our three favorite diagrams. The first is the Snakey Diagram, which can help you graph flow. The website has several examples of how this powerful visual can be put to use. Here is one:

Power Grid Data Diagram



Our second favorite is the Sorted Stream Graph, which can be used to show flow-size over time.

Sorted Stream Graph

(Source: Source:

And our third favorite is the humble table. Nothing beats a clean table! 

Humble Table



You may not need design software to recreate many of the visuals you see on Data Viz. Good use of PowerPoint shapes will give you most of those visuals.