Welcome to Mindset's New Website!

Mindset Staff

Thank you for visiting our new website. We now have a site that better reflects the work we do. When we started in 2010, our focus was the commercial sector, but we have since expanded to the development and aid sector, where we have become a trusted partner of many international agencies. 

We divided our website into two main sections: development and commercial. The development part presents services we provide to the aid sector, and the commercial part highlights solutions commonly requested by our commercial partners. Of course, no research solution is strictly this or that. We think our way of presentation makes it easier for the visitor to understand our offerings. 

Our website also includes brief bios of the research professionals that have made Mindset the versatile and can-do research agency it is today. 

We are still building and refining the content, so if an item seems somewhat off, just know we will get it to it. 

Finally, we want to thank Vardot, our website developer, for being a prompt and professional partner.