Mindset Staff

We are thrilled to announce that our research partner, Jordan's National Aid Fund, has been awarded an Arab Government Excellence Award for their Takaful program. The Takaful program won the award for the Best Arab Government Project for Community Development across the Arab world for the year 2020.

The National Aid Fund, established in 1986, is an administratively and financially independent institution that supports disadvantaged Jordanian families. In addition to direct aid, NAF also seeks to promote sustainable development by encouraging job growth and providing skills training.

The Takaful program, launched in 2019, supports more than 85,000 of the most vulnerable families in Jordan, based on a specialized targeting system. Takaful is the largest national program for social protection in the history of Jordan, at a cost of up to 200 million JD. It is to be implemented over three years, with the goal of reducing poverty in Jordan by 2.6 percent. The program is comprehensive in scope: vulnerable families benefit from direct cash support, health insurance, energy-saving projects, public transportation, and school food programs directed at poor children. Potential beneficiaries register in waves via online platforms and 102 registration centers situated across the country. To determine their eligibility, families fill out a targeting questionnaire that assesses their vulnerabilities through 57 indicators.

Our partnership with NAF began in 2018. We have conducted in-depth assessments on the Takaful program to help NAF reach its goals. In 2019, we aided NAF in the registration process and conducted home visits to households in Jordan to verify eligibility for the Takaful program. Additionally, Mindset conducted various informational sessions to enroll selected households into electronic payment systems to receive their aid. Research, of which Mindset was a part, has shown that 76 percent of Takaful beneficiaries are living below the poverty line of 99.9 JD per person per month. Furthermore, there are indications that the NAF Takaful program has reduced poverty among beneficiary families by 7 percentage points. Beneficiaries represent the most vulnerable groups of Jordanians: the majority of households have no adult in formal employment and are highly dependent on social assistance to cover their basic needs.

The results of the award were announced on November 25th, 2020 in the United Arab Emirates at a ceremony held in Dubai under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. We are proud to continue supporting Jordanians through data-driven solutions.

Image via NAF's Facebook