Keeping Children Warm: UNICEF’s 2019-20 Winterization Assistance

Mindset Staff

Jordan might be known for its hot summers -- but the winter months are often dangerously cold, causing household costs to double due to increased spending on heating, winter clothing, food, and medicine. As part of our partnership with UNICEF, we (Mindset) recently collaborated on a "winterization" survey and report. UNICEF's winterization project provides vulnerable families in Jordan with assistance to stay warm, in the form of both cash and goods like coats, gloves, and boots. This aid is especially crucial for Jordan's refugee population: the country is the second highest host of refugees per capita in the world, and 78% of those refugees live below the poverty line.

Mindset conducted a survey of 422 households to assess the impact of the program on beneficiaries, including a comparison of the cash and in-kind modalities. We found that almost 9 out of 10 winterization beneficiaries (89 per cent) were either ‘satisfied’ or ‘very satisfied’ with the winterization assistance provided by UNICEF. We conducted quantitative analysis of the data and co-drafted the report with UNICEF, which includes lessons learned and recommendations for future assistance. 

Check out this link to read more about our methodology as a social research firm and learn how UNICEF helps vulnerable families in Jordan prepare for harsh winters.